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                                                          What Disney character do you look most alike? could it be Ariel? maybe, Aladdin? or jasmine? Submit a picture of yourself and i'll tell you what Disney character looks most like you!
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  • bibbidibobbidibo0:

    having an emotional breakdown when your hair doesn’t go right

    Follow my personal blog? www.bibbidibobbidibo0.tumblr.com

    follow my personal blog here: www.bibbidibobbidibo0.tumblr.com <3

    cinderella! definitely! &lt;3
    who is my disney look alike?


    You remind me so much of Jasmine! I think it’s your big brown eyes! <33

    i hate living in england, it’s like a great life trip to go to disneyland, it’s sometimes like once in a lifetime because it’s so far away and so expensive 

    ok so i am currently singing karaoke to disney songs on youtube, is this sad? it’s sad isn’t it, omg what am I doing with my life

    Please please please send photos instead of just telling me “what do I look like?” because it’s easier! Thank You.

    Plus, I’m sorry if some Lookalike submitted pictures are late, I have this, my personal blog and my roleplay blog (www.andalasiaprincess.tumblr.com) so it’s all a bit topsy turvy at the moment! 

    If you have any problems, message me here: www.youlooklikeadisneycharacter.tumblr.com/ask - and i’ll help you.


    Beth x

    sorry if I already submitted, my computer was acting funny&#8230;
Oh, don&#8217;t worry about that sweetie!
You remind me so much of Tinkerbell crossed between Wendy!
You have tinkerbell&#8217;s dimples and lips but have Wendy&#8217;s large aquatic eyes! 

    oneinamillion-maybe: How do I submit a pic, because when I try it says pic url and I know you said you don't like websites...

    I know you’ve got the hang of it now because you’ve submitted a picture but for anyone else wondering how to do it, here’s how:

    1. Press “submit” under the dancing Prince Charming and Cinderella on my blog.

    2. It will come up with a box and instantly says “submit a text post” don’t submit text posts as it is easier for you to just submit a picture!

    3. Beside “submit a text post” there is an arrow pointing downwards, click on it and out will come a range of things you can submit, for example, photo, link, video - PRESS PHOTO.

    4. Choose a file from your computer and then write a caption if you want like, “what disney character do i look like?” but that doesn’t matter.

    5. Accept the terms of submission and tick the box!

    6. And then press SUBMIT!

    It will then automatically send to me and i’ll tell you what Disney character you look like (it may be late depending on work and stuff but will be published so keep an eye out for it on my blog)

    there you go, dearies!

    Please submit pictures instead of giving me a web address link! It’s much easier for both of us! Thank you! I hope you’re all having a lovely day!

    Anonymous: when can i submit a picture of myself?

    oh, now! I’ll try to get to them tonight (UK time) but i’ll have to try my best! 

    Who do I look like?
Your hair reminds me of Aurora, but you face reminds me so much of Cinderella!